Public Relations for Bio Removal |

If you ever want to see the most irate people on the planet just talk to some of the people who are in an area where bio removal is being done. Often, they will say how come we were not warned of all this and they will want to sue. Bio removal projects need to maintain a strong communication line between the local community and the local newspapers and other media.Residents need to understand what is going on and they do not like surprises. A robust public relations program and community goodwill communication chain needs to be established for all bio removal projects. Just like employees at a corporation deserve to know what kind of chemicals they are working around, people who are living around or working around bio removal projects also deserve to know what is going on.They deserve to know how this stuff got there in the first place, why it became contaminated, what is being done and where are all that stuff is being taken. There are many ways that a bio removal project can keep the citizenry in the local region informed.It is important to hire a public relations specialist who understands the industry and has worked with crisis management situations in the past to handle the communication stream between the removal project and the citizens, as well as deal with the media to prevent hysteria from taking place. Please consider all this in 2006.

Public Relations for High Rises |

Public relations for high-rises is often difficult because many people do not want to see giant buildings built in their city as a they call it an eyesore. However beautiful high-rise buildings are hardly an eyesore, as they actually add to the community and make it look very important. Of course, those people who have lived there a long time do not want to see more buildings in the area and they certainly do not want to see high-rises.In fact they will go out of their way to try to kill a project at the planning commission stage whether or not they have good concern. Sometimes they say that the building may cast a shadow during certain times of the day and that will make them feel like they’re not getting enough sun.Indeed this does sound rather silly, but actually environmental impact reports now do show the possible shadows during the daytime and who and how they will affect things. If the shadow will cross over in front of a hospital, school or high density housing sometimes that will be enough to kill the project.High rises makes sense because they build up rather than out and it is a better use of space however, many people decry high-rises and that is why a good public relations specialist is needed who has contacts in the area with all the local media. You cannot keep everyone happy all the time and when it comes to high rises some people are downright upset. Please consider all this in 2006.